Digital Content

We were contracted by the FTSE 250 Home Services Provider,
Utility Warehouse to help on it's rebrand and give it's comms a much needed facelift. 
This was an interesting challenge as the key stakeholders which included the chairman, CEO and were incredibly attached to the original identity and comms.  

The overall project evolved constantly which made it even
more rewarding. 
The work varied from creating customer facing work, investor and third party comms, recruitment and the entire concept and design for an experiential event for 6000 attendees which was switched to a virtual event with only 72 hours notice.

During our 14 month tenure, we created a huge amount of film and social content whilst helping the business build and develop it's own internal resource.

Director - Yousef Eldin 

Joanna Lumley is an avid reader. The perfect storyteller, voted by the nation as the No. 1 person they would most like to read to them. 

We asked her to present her very own Reading Club,
with a difference?
In this reading club, rather than discuss the latest book,
Joanna extolls the rewards of reading energy meters.     

It was imperative that we nudged customers into submitting their meter readings.
Something they normally put off or just ignore.

Over 150k UW customers haven’t submitted a meter reading for
3 months or longer. Instead of an accurate bill, they receive an estimate of their usage. 
With new Ofgem legislation, customers can only be back-billed
12 months from their last meter read.  Which could mean over
£3 million in lost revenue.

We incentivised customers with the chance of winning £250 off
their bill 
The Reading Club was the creative idea we wrapped it in

The campaign ran as a series of short films, emails and
SMS messages.

Director - Toby Tobias