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Ricky Hatton
Social Media

#RickysCorner allowed us to take something "virtual" (a Tweet) and make it physical (a poster) giving fans something that money can't buy; a poster version of their tweets pinned up in Ricky’s dressing room pre fight. Posters that both motivated Ricky, helped communicate Ricky's key “redemption” message and deepened his connection with fans. Over 3,000 tweets of support were sent to Ricky using #RickysCorner, 20 were turned into posters. These posters were displayed in his dressing room pre fight, then signed and sent to the tweeters as souvenirs. As part of the campaign Ricky Hatton became the first ever UK athlete to compete in a major, live televised sports event with his Twitter handle on his kit. The campaign went on to win a Sports Industry Award for 'The Best Use Of Social Media' giving Adidas a black eye in an Olympic year.

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