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My Bespoke Room
TVC bridges the gap between high-end ‘interior design’ and DIY design that often falls short of expectations.

By inhabiting this sweet spot MBR set out to democratise Interior Design, rather than it remaining the preserve of the rich and famous.

Based pretty much entirely on word of mouth, My Bespoke Room has built a decent-sized business. By operating almost exclusively online helps reduce costs, (although customers can pay for a home visit, if they want one).

Starting at £395 per room, you receive a complete design and shopping list, enabling you to complete the task.
After an initial video consultation and collaborating with your designer online, they will then deliver a complete design to you.
Customers are often blown away by the design (the first WOW!)
Following this, customers receive a bespoke shopping list to take the design from concept to reality, resulting in their properly designed room (the second WOW!)

As we spoke to the client, the WOW!  repeatedly cropped up in the conversation. We were fascinated to hear of the spontaneous reactions customers exhibited when the designs were unveiled and then brought to life. (Everything from uncontained excitement, to tears of joy).

As a relatively unknown business, we knew there was an awareness task that needed fulfilling.
However, we knew that it was this emotional side of the transformation, the WOW! that was the perfect way to connect with new customers.

It was essential to get the balance right, conveying MBR as a professional interior design (not just styling) offering, but also a new, fun pleasurable experience with talented, friendly designers. 

Director - Julian Gibbs 

Production - Intro

Agency - Kuba & Friends

My Bespoke Room

My Bespoke Room

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