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The Quartermaster Military Store



Gigaclear is an Altnet with a difference. Delivering Gigafast full-fibre broadband  to rural towns and communities across the country. Forget shonky old copper wires, or fibre stopping at the cabinet down the road. It's full fibre all the way into your home.
To challenge the usual corporate stuffiness, we created our own instantly recognisable brand personality in the form of our orange spacesuit-rocking, Gigaclear Astronaut.

A hero synonymous with the world’s most advanced technology travelling faster than anyone on earth. His mission to bring digital happiness at the speed of light to out of this world places like Braintree, Chipping Norton and Ascot. 

This traveller doesn’t just come in peace, he brings happiness, digital happiness in the form of music, laughter, entertainment and connection into our homes with the bandwidth to please the family wherever they hand out. Our Gigaclear astronaut is for all mankind. He represents humanity, He is the best of us. He loves a dance. Dogs and children love him.

Director - Barry Kimber

Agency - Kuba & Friends



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