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Don't Feed The Beast
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This campaign was created for the Cabinet Office to alert the public to the hidden danger that disinformation represents and more importantly, how to spot it.
The campaign centres around a small, furry green monster we called The Beast. A dark, scheming, cold, snidey creature who revels in the misfortunes of others. The Beast is a manifestation of the negative consequences that sharing the wrong kind of content online can create: misunderstandings, hatred, miscarriages of justice, health scares and worse. It feeds on disinformation and misleading content. 

His presence in our communications should serve as a visual alarm bell to the public, that misinformation is always close by.

The casting of the Beast was crucial to capturing his malicious intentions. 
There was only one person on our shortlist and that was Andrew Scott. 
Andrew’s portrayal of Moriarty was a great starting point for the beast. 
We sat and watched in awe, as Andrew tipperty-tapped between the playful, duplicitous and chilling facets of our character.
The campaign channels include social media, radio and the
S.H.A.R.E. Checklist microsite.
We created The SHARE Checklist as a simple set of steps to help the public spot and differentiate between reliable information and potentially harmful misinformation.

Animator - Danny Capozzi

Director - Ed Harrison

Agency - Zinc

Don't Feed the Beast

Don't Feed the Beast

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Beast Radio Ads

Beast Radio Ads

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