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B&Q | Heros

Our campaign celebrates the everyday heroes that work at B&Q. DIY is their life and they live to help customers, giving them the confidence to get their home projects off the ground. We champion the jobs they do and the role they play in turning our customer’s projects into a reality. At B&Q when you embark on a Do it yourself project, you’re never alone. Our heroes in orange aprons are there to lend their knowledge and knowhow. These films also were created to allow the brand to respond quickly to the frequently changing offers and showcase the range of services available in-store.

B&Q Paint Pro

B&Q Paint Pro

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Wells and Young’s Bombardier had positioned itself as the beer of England, with a once a year upshift in sales occurring around St. George’s Day, for the patriotic few.
The question was how do we market the brand for the other 364 days of the year?
Of course, the problem required rigorous product sampling to get the creative juices flowing.
And there at the point of sale, on beer pump handle, the answer was caddishly staring us straight in the face.
The Bombardier.
The personification of the brand soon took shape in the form of Charles William Bedford. A red blooded Englishman, a loveable rogue, a hero and a damned fine fellow Huzzah!
As the scripts were written and rewritten, it soon became apparent that only one man could breathe life into this larger than life ale quaffing, character.
But we didn’t want to reveal our choice just yet. Rather than suggest it, we took the idea to research and totally unprompted, group after group confirmed our instincts.  

The larger than life personification of the countries finest ale had to be played by Rik Mayell...English, ever reliable and damn tasty. BANG ON!

With this omnipresent, red thread of Englishness, sales went through the roof both in the on trade, and off trade retailers, earning bar prominence and valuable retail shelf space.

Vision Express | See An Expert

Expertise is the heartland of the Vision Express brand. In a market filled with competitors, using two for one offers and triviality as marketing hooks, Instead we built the brand’s status as the leading Vision and eye care experts on the high street. We featured optometrists; eye test technology and our advanced designer optical wear to underpin our credentials.

The Vision Express brand quickly expanded, with branches popping up across the country. The See an Expert campaign also a high increase of applications from Optometrists wanting to work for the brand.

Texaco | Hector
Digital Content

To maintain an ongoing conversation with Texaco’s existing and new loyalty scheme members  – we looked to engage with drivers on a more meaningful level.

Building on Texaco’s road safety heritage we looked to capture the imagination of Britain’s youngest road users. Namely, to engage and excite Primary School aged children whilst educating them to the dangers of traffic and how to stay safe on the roads.


We created Hector, an animated series about an imaginative 9-year-old boy, who’s adventures bring to life important road safety messages.
DVD’s were given away free at fuel stations. Hector also had his own interactive website with games, the films themselves and tools to allow children to create their own stories.

National and Local press coverage followed the Hector roadshow touring UK schools, teaching children road safety skills.

Hector helped deliver 70,000 new members to the loyalty scheme. 20,000 unique visitors visited

Over 5,000 visitors used the online storymaker and 20% of these created an entry for the competition we ran to win a trip to Aardman studios.

Hector Zebra

Hector Zebra

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BBC | Extreme World

This film was part of the pitch winning campaign created and produced at Red Bee Media to announce BBC World News, Extreme World Season. The film points out the extreme contrasting attitudes to penal reform, education and death, that exist from one part of the world to another.


Directed by Matt McDermott

Volvo | Human Joysticks

Using motion sensor technology we turned 13 Cineworld cinemas across the UK into giant interactive gaming screens during the opening weekend of a blockbuster movie. By working together, the motion sensor technology turned the cinema audience into human joysticks, driving the on screen Volvo XC70 from the comfort of their cinema seat. In a world first, these cinema audiences competed in real time against each other, linking 4000 people together across the country in a single experiential event. The event generated huge amounts of PR coverage and won 2 Silvers at the Media Week Awards for Innovation and Budget Below £250K

Hotpoint | Sock

Hotpoint Sock sets out to pay a charming homage
to the famous British Airways Face commercial with
a fraction of the budget.
Only this time the ad was celebrating Hotpoint ‘The world’s favourite washing line’. Rather than large abstract features coming together to form a face. Huge, everyday clothing items including a sock, T-shirt and undies, converged across various stunning landscapes.
Every aspect of the original was lovingly echoed including the original voice over from British acting legend,Tom Conti, and a beautiful reworking of Delibes Flower Duet from Lakmé, by the irrepressible genius Malcolm McLaren, who kindly signed Dave’s Never Mind the Bollocks album, by the Sex Pistols.
Filmed in Almeria, Spain and Canary Wharf in London. 

Directed by photography legend, John Claridge.

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